French Invasion

Monday, June 02, 2008
This afternoon when we pulled into the grocery store to get some milk and potatoes for supper, I thought the large, strange Benz mobile home parked behind us, had French plates on it.

Yeah, french, as in France.

So we got out and walked around it on our way to the store, and sure enough, French plates (tags) front and rear. And we thought what in the world...

How do you get a large, European mobile home, complete with a french poodle, to the middle of the prairies?

Or maybe a better question would be, Why?


  1. you totally should have found the owners and asked them...or at least watched them from a distance since they might be insane :)

  2. maybe they are from that small french island that is off quebec. its more possible to have driven to prince albert from there then from france.

  3. Good point, Hillary.

    Although... the little trailer they were pulling behind the big van had BC plates and maybe a dealership sticker that made us think they'd picked up the trailer in Vancouver.

    But, maybe from off the East coast, and by the time they got to BC they had too many souvenirs to fit in the van so they rented a trailer!

    I think Hillary's idea is the most plausible.

  4. I dunno,

    I was looking at the webcam images from there and there doesn't seem to be any of those kinds of huge vans there, with the narrow plates on em.

  5. Dixie's aunt and uncle shipped their car from Hawaii to the continent for a six-month tour of the U.S & Canada. I wonder if there is much difference in distance between shipping from Hawaii (on the Pacific) to North America or from Europe to North America (over the Atlantic). I suspect they might be very close...


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