memories of a strange day

Monday, June 23, 2008
Two years ago at 9:45 in the morning while we were driving to Hillary's graduation ceremony, I received a call on my cell phone.

My dad had just died.

That day still reverberates around in my spirit. I still can't really believe it. He was 64.

And I miss him.

So today I'll be on the road for a long while, and I'll be thinking of him and what he gave me, and what I've missed out on because he's been gone.


  1. Thinking of you thinking of him. Drive carefully.

  2. It's been 20 years since I lost my Dad very unexpectedly. I am still shocKed at times by the reality of that loss. I have learned to live with the loss but not without him...there is still a sense of "If only Dad could have been here for this". Watching my mom rebuild her life was hard too. She remarried a family friend several years ago which, while I was glad she was no longer alone, brought up a whole "new grief" that is hard to explain to someone who has not been through that experience.
    The memories are both pleasant and painful. He left us a legacy but left it too soon for my liking!! I heard it said that healing comes through talking it out with caring and compassionate friends. My experience was that, outside of your own family, there is a limit to how much people want to share your grief. I think this is the reason that grief support groups thrive.
    May God cover you with His comfort and peace as you journey through your loss.

  3. It's still a weird feeling to know my grandpa has been gone for two years now. It's quite common for me to have dreams about him alive and well or that he survived the cancer. Then I wake up and have to remember that it was a dream. It is a hard thing to go through thats all I can say.

  4. i agree with mark.
    and that was a really crappy day.


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