Scotland & England Redux

I FINALLY sat down tonight and hacked away, uploading hundreds of megs of images from our trip, nearly a year ago, to Scotland and England.

It probably won't interest many of you, but some of you may want to call your lawyers and have them send us letters threatening damages if we don't get your pictures off the net.


Sure brought back memories and feelings and scent's and tastes.

Enjoy. We did.

Non-flash version here.


  1. Awesome pictures! I have never been to those places and there is such a beauty and history in that place. Even their KFC looked classy ;)

  2. Happy memories - and so good to see you guys again.

  3. Was it almost a year ago ?! Obviously, vanity made me check out your NW England pics, but I also got distracted by your Oxford ones.

    You've got shots of where I spent 4 years of my life - just before the B and B pics are street shots that feature my college principal's house (big and white with crest over door) and senior tutor's house (black and white, several 100 years old) The rest of the college lies out of sight around a quadrangle behind the B and B. Happy days, strolling around the corner after evening prayers ("Be sober, be watchful")

    (I can't believe that I've lapsed into Oxford speak after more than 20 years ! B and B = Bird and Brat = Eagle and Child - where I spent numerous hours as a student)


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