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Friday, July 18, 2008


- All assignments must be submitted from previous courses before the start of this intensive.


- Complete the required readings before the week of the class.


- For either Vest (ch. 1-10) or Rice prepare a question, comment, and significant quote for each chapter.

CHECK and Emailed

- Write a 8 page paper on how you envision spiritual direction being extended in your life and ministry?


- Be punctual, present and engaged in all scheduled events of the week …  This is a very full week; please come as rested as possible and minimize activities outside of the program.

CHECK. Well, as CHECK as possible.

- Prepare a presentation for a group of your peers of an issue arising from your spiritual direction since your last supervision.


- Prepare and Lead a morning, midday, or evening devotional office as assigned.


- Be prepared to create a sacred space for your spiritual directing sessions through the use of textile and symbols.


- Prepare and bring written records of one or two dreams that you have had along with your reflections. (see Guidelines for Dream Reports).


- Complete self, course, and program evaluations.



Now where is my passport? And what kinds of clothing can I pack that travels well (Doesn’t get all wrinkly), and is cool (Because the temperature in Chicago this week is in the mid 30’s C and that is before the humidity).

I need to remember to pack all my completed assignments too. Oh and American money, and a few maps, and I need to print off my ticket.


I think I’m finally ready to go, finally.

The journey starts tomorrow night and continues early Sunday morning at 6am with my flight to Chicago. I arrive at three and hopefully I will be able to get to the place I am staying, before 5 pm. Nearly 24 hours after I leave home.

The week looks pretty full with lectures and classes and practicum, mornings afternoons and evenings. There is even a book signing party one of our course supervisors is hosting as a celebration of the launch of a book she has been working on, through our years there.

Then, next weekend Lauralea is flying down to join me for Graduation. That is so cool. Some friends are making it possible for her to join me for the day. We are so blessed.

Then we’ll do a bit of sightseeing, and take in some Jazz, and get back home.


This course has taken so much out of me, and put so much into me that I sometimes wonder who I am without the constant requirement that another homework deadline is looming. It will feel so good to have completed this work, SO GOOD. I think it will really energize me to finally be done.

And then, to live it out. To be a certified or certificated Spiritual Director. Not that the certificate will make any difference, but there will be expectations that loom from it. Expectations to serve and care for people, in these ways.

It’s a bit exciting too, not really a heavy thing. Because it is who I am. It fits me well and I look forward to being able to offer it to others.


It’s been a long time since February 23, 2006 when I was accepted into the program. So much has changed.


I can’t believe I’m nearly done.

North Park Seminary, here I come.



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  1. Travel safely my friend. I truly hope that completing this will take a load from your shoulders and release you into Matt 11 29-30.


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