Messed up sleep patterns

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I think it started last Saturday night. Between getting the kids off to camp and some drunk neighbours I actually got 2 hours sleep.

Then in the afternoon I slept for four hours.

Then that night I slept for nine hours.

Then Monday night I slept for six hours.

Then Tuesday night I slept for five hours.

Then last night, again due to drinking neighbours and some dingbat ringing my doorbell at 2 am, yes I know the two are probably related, I got five hours sleep.

The reasons are complex and numerous. Homework issues. Drinking neighbours issues. Busy street traffic issues. Even birds singing at three am when they wake up issues.


But that̢۪s just me complaining.

At least I have a great bed to be lying awake in. And I live with someone who at least makes being awake in the night interesting.


But boy I could use a nap, and it̢۪s only 10:30 in the morning.


  1. Know that feeling only too well.

    Going to bed after 11.00 and getting up at 5.30 seems to be something my head does NOT cope with, even though I tell myself I had 6 hours sleep.

  2. Ah but your purposes are indeed noble.

    or at least, No bull.

  3. So after supper I kinda crashed on the couch and wham and hour later i woke up and felt like its 3 in the morning.

    So groggy, but back at the office, working again.


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