“No you’re an anti-dentite”

Friday, July 04, 2008

As near as I can tell my last dentist appointment was two and a half years ago. Not that I’m an anti-dentite, but you know, why poke a stick into a hornets nest if there is nothing wrong with them being there.

teeth Anyway, my local dentist and support staff got tired of nagging me to come in, so they finally just booked an appointment for me and told me to be there. And I, who teach them the value of mutual submission, was duty bound to be there this morning at 8:30am.

Turns out I only have two cavities and for me that's hugely small. Can I say that? Hugely small? You see usually I go for the big numbers, 5, or 7 or even 9 cavities after such a holiday from the dentist. Maybe my kids luck or whatever it is with cavities is finally rubbing off on me. Or maybe it’s just getting old.

One small cavity and one bigger one on a tooth that has already been filled to capacity, so there is really not much tooth there to work with. That may need to be crowned.

Now if only I can figure out this eyeglass reading thing.

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  1. Well, I am glad those are not your real x-rays - or you would be in a lot more trouble!

    And I think, all in all, you are doing fine. Just have to work on the concept of the yearly check-up.


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