So ready to be home


Hot. Humid. All the fun things in life are here.
And I'm about ready to be home.

We picked up a few souvenirs this morning and this afternoon we are heading downtown again. Tonight we are finding Andy's Jazz Lounge, my regular haunt. Mike Smith is playing tonight and I want to hear him.

But now, we are off to find a Chicago Hot Dog. There is a famous place down the road from campus, where we are now.

This clip was taken the other day, after the river cruise.


  1. Looks like a beautiful city. Wish you could wrap up a piece of pizza for me in your suitcase. :)

    Travel safe you two (well, all four of you, with the Lanoies).

  2. I just imagined you wandering around in the middle of the place with your camera, and got a little chuckle... :D
    Praying your journey home is safe and happy one!!

  3. ya, that does look like a beautiful city! all the tall buildings, and the river. its nice. i'm glad you had a good time there. see ya in a few weeks!

  4. That is one severely altered ecosystem. And some people think that clearcuts are bad!


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