Spent the day in the east

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Today I spent nine hours on the road travelling to the east side of the province. I made the run to take Thomas to camp and to pick up some of our kids, including Micah, from camp. Sounds like they had a blast.

I gotta say, that part of the province is beautiful. Lush green, trees, hills, a real beauty.

But four hours drive there and four back with a two hour break in between, makes for a very long day. So it̢۪s good to be back.

Just a long day on the road.

And now I shall post this and do some more prep for tomorrow morning.

And if you get a chance to see mid-eastern Saskatchewan, you should do it.

(Photo by Micah)

Photo by Micah


  1. Ah, the beauty of this country we live in! We are blessed.

  2. I loved the look of the little towns around Norquay. Peaceful and pretty area. Nice picture Micah. Glad they had a good time.

  3. that was just coming over the bridge of the Saskatchewan River.


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