and then there were three

Sunday, August 31, 2008
Late tonight we put Thomas on a bus which will drive him 12 hours to a town in northern Alberta, where he starts bible college tomorrow.

Some of the kids were so ready to go. Others were less ready. Thomas could have stayed here for a long time. Not in a big rush to take on the things of adulthood. Easygoing, friendly, not hurried.

So again it's bittersweet. And I miss him and the other two already.

Now it's me and Lauralea and Micah.

Just we three.


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  1. Tough.

    But we're looking forward n a way to Ben moving out, getting his own life and space. I'll miss him for sure, but he needs it too, and seeing him set up a home and move forward as an adult will be a validation of how we've brought him up.


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