A friend sent me these words today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The peace of God comes close

to those caught in the storm,

forgoing lives of ease

to ease the lives forlorn.

The peace of God is here to stay;

embracing those who walk his way,

the peace of God is here to stay.


From an Iona Hymn.


  1. Randall,
    Greetings. I am Allison Pluim's mom and she sent
    me to your website. I went to the poetry section
    out of interest and saw that you had one about
    IONA. We were just there in August and it is
    a mysterious little island full of so much history
    and wonder. Do you have the book Celtic Daily
    Prayer? It's filled with stories about St. Columba, Aiden and Finnian who captured the hearts
    of Europe with the gospel back in 564 AD.
    Anyway, Alli has asked us to pray for your situation confidentially and we will be excited
    to see what direction God gives you. It certainly would be a tough decision to uproot and
    begin again. Our beautiful pastor, Tom Glossi knows you and that makes me all the more excited
    about the possibilties for Malmo.

    Just wanted to say a few words. Blessings as you
    gut out your decision.

    In Prayer,

    Ann Everitt

  2. Well, I guess that wasn't so confidential now was it?



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