Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Be it ever so humble…

Yeah, it’s good to be home. After Chicago and then Edmonton I’m thinking lately how living in complex, difficult places effects a person. Just a few days in a large city leave me frustrated and a bit angry.

I think that’s as deep as this post will go.

Its good being home, even though it’s still hot. I get a few more days off to rest up before back to work next week.

If you want to see some pics, I created a set on Flickr. 

It really is good to be home.


The Mall


  1. :) looks like you had a bit of fun anyways. :D nice segway pictures...

  2. Glad you made it home safely. Enjoy the rest of the week. Might not be so hot today after that nice rain.

  3. Where are the pictures of Lauralea on the segway? ;)

  4. She says she was taking pictures during that time. Thomas says she didn't meet the hight requirements for the Segway.

    Life is hard as a little person.

  5. How was the Segway ride by the way?

  6. It was pretty cool.

    The trainers job was basically to get your mind off the fact that you were riding a Segway. It's so intuitive that the less thinking you do about it, the better and easier it is to ride. So that was cool.

    It's all about where you lean, forwards and backwards.

    I also found i was trying to use the handles to move forward and back, but they were just for turning with.

    Interestingly, they stored the things standing up by themselves. They kept adjusting themselves and stayed standing by themselves.


  7. How the heck did Hillary know what they were called?

    I just call them "the 2-wheeled scooter things the police use"...

    Nate knew what I meant, anyway.


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