If you’re not from the prairie…

Saturday, August 23, 2008

While we were picking up Hillary in Saskatoon today, we hit a used record store on 2nd Ave, then crossed the street to a used book store. (Note the theme.)

We found an autographed copy of “If you’re from the prairie…” which is an amazing book with words and paintings that prairie people will get. It's always resonated with who we are because we love the prairies.

We found the copy and decided to celebrate our 23rd anniversary by getting it.

Lauralea is already sitting in the chair beside me, reading and weeping.

A good book is like that. It just always fits.


If You're Not from the Prairies


  1. I am not from the prairie.

    The book *looks* OK from the one page I can see.

    FWIW I like big skies and I like rolling countryside. I like hills and lakes, plains and mountains. Lush greenery and rocky aridness.

    I'd like it all, if that's ok, though not necessarily at the same time.

  2. An autographed copy - that's pretty cool. I've given this book as a gift a few times...birthday gifts to adult men...who have grown up on the prairies. They love it.


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