Monday, August 11, 2008
So, what's the deal with the Olympics and Beach Volleyball? Is that a recognized sport? And why (as if I don't know) did they run it again and again with most of the coverage the other day?

Well I should make it clear, they ran the girls games, never did see a guys game.

I think, though I'm not sure, that that sport has the smallest use of clothing of any of the sports.

Interesting way to start off the Olympics.


  1. I also saw some women's beach volleyball. But I saw some men's, and they get to wear nice long shorts. At least watching on CBC I didn't see too many close up butt shots.

  2. I wondered the same thing about the skimpy outfits. Draws a crowd, I guess. Or it might be because it's likely that dress would be skimpy in "real" beach volleyball (you know, informal and actually on a beach). I don't know.

    It seems like they're constantly adding new sports, too. Synchronized diving, for instance, is a new one as far as I know.

  3. Whatever gets coverage....so to speak.

  4. Did you happen to notice the 5'7" Cuban Athlete block a spike from 6'7" Dutch Athlete, and have you ever tried to walk much less run, jump and dive in loose sand in 42 degree heat and 100 percent humidity. Try play that game in sweat pants and a t- shirt.

  5. Still, easier to watch than weightlifting...

  6. Still, easier to watch than weightlifting...

  7. Ever heard of John Child and Mark Heese … Gold medal winners for Canada… Great beach volleyball players. When it is 30 degrees and 97 % humidity I think they are dressed quite appropriately for the beach. I have been to a live tournament and it is a super sport to watch. I prefer to watch the men though…for the quality of the games… yep.

  8. Some sports get more TV time than others and beach volleyball is no exception.


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