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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This week;

Lauralea’s folks are coming for a visit.

Micah starts school, at High School no less.

Hillary is home unpacking and packing. She leaves this weekend for College.

Thomas is deciding his future which is somewhere between here and never never land, and may require travel and or cash from us this week if he suddenly decides what to do.

We took the little red car to the wreckers yesterday, a very emotional deal for me. I don’t get rid of cars easily, especially when they have been an answer to many many prayers.

I’m back at work, after the strangest holiday I can ever remember. Strange as in, I worked a lot during it.


We, (as in Lauralea and I) are trying to be more patient with ourselves. This year, with it’s cancer scare and quick surgery and then the big wedding and the guys and I completing major educational milestones has left us a bit gasping for air.

Deep cleansing breath…

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  1. I agree, it seemed a strange holiday for you.


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