What is a lack of Grace? Ungrace? Disgrace?

Friday, August 22, 2008

As a dad sometimes a quick angry response to my kids has left no room for them to move forward. It shuts off any opportunity for life or growth or even a quickly healed relationship for them. My very bad.

Other times I try to create room for them to grow and respond in opportune ways. Ways that bring life to them and to our relationship. Yeah they mess up, that happens, lets move ahead.

It dawns on me again this week, that the one way is ungracious or a better word might be disgrace, and the other way is gracious and creates room for life to happen.

Feels that way in the work that I do too. Sometimes situations are just shut down walls of no room for movement or life or, grace. And other times the most offended person steps up and creates room for life to happen again, and grace is experienced.

It̢۪s so cool when that happens.

And so painful when it doesn̢۪t.

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  1. How true. Grace empowers but rules control. When I realized what I did to my sons I went to each one and asked for their forgiveness and and released each one from my plan for their life.

    Learning to give children wings is a parent's most important task


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