Yep its holiday time

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
And you can tell that by the size of the fight Lauralea and I got into last night.

It often happens that just before our vacation, we have a real deally of a go, so that's how I know it must be on.

I thought I was helping out by clearing off a 6' x 5' x 4' high rubarb plant.

Turned out I was wrong. I could tell that by the size of the knife she brought out - to clean up my mess.

Even after 23 years I get it wrong. I really thought I was helping her because she wouldn't have the time to do anything with it...

But I was wrong.

I think our understanding now is that I don't touch her rubarb or rasberries or strawberries or cherry trees or goodberries or blackberries. I need to let her deal with such things. I need to be patient about these things too.

So we ate bran muffins with rasberries in them this morning, and drank tea and smoked the peace pipe.

I believe our holidays have now begun.


  1. I think it takes about 25 years to learn that - about the rhubarb at least. Some stuff takes longer but I think you guys are on track.

    Hope there is some rest in that holiday of yours!

  2. Fruit and Vacation.

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and the day before we were leaving for BC dad saw rotten bananas for a really good deal at the Coop and brought several pounds home for mom.

    She spent that whole night (after packing and getting the house and all of us kids ready for vacation) making batch upon batch of banana muffins.

    Makes me hungry just thinking about it. :)

  3. What was it I heard the other week? "Rhubarb is the devils imitation of fruit".

    I reckon you did the right thing with that plant.


  4. Amen brother. It leads to marital strife.


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