Ah Lovely Autumn, otherwise known as prostate exam season

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This here blogging thing can sure help keep record of things, like the last time I had a physical, you know, with a Doctor and everything. Well it seems the last time was October 2005.

I didn’t think it was that long ago, but my words are there to prove me wrong. Three years since and it’s time to go back.

Today was the day to go see the Doctor. My NEW doctor, as the last one did what they have been doing to me for ten years, leaving town.

I hadn't met her yet but Lauralea likes her. My only qualification, at this point in my life, was that she has skinny fingers. Somewhat thankfully I didn't have the opportunity to meet her because as I was going to her office, she was called out the back door to deliver a baby at the hospital, and I am rebooked for next Tuesday, 8:30 am. That's ok, I won't have time to fret about things. Just get up and go to the Doctors.

Doctors I don't fret about. Blood tests haven't scared me since I was five. But you start talking digital exams and I get all light headed.

And that is not the time to pass out.

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