Ah that might look good hanging over the pulpit

Thursday, September 25, 2008
You know how sometimes churches can become a sort of dumping ground for the junk we have in our homes that doesn't really fit our lifestyles any longer but its too good to throw out, so we give it to the church to use?

You know how that happens?

Well yeah, it happens here too, so we've decided to put everything like that in a big room and the people can come and take whatever they like and what's left will be donated to other organizations.

So I was just down there, walking amongst the stuff, and I came across a four rifle gun rack with lockable drawer apparently for the shells. A GUN RACK for pete's sake. In what line of thought would somebody think that that might be a good thing for a church to have??


I've been with these people over ten years and they still surprise me sometimes.


(Anybody wanna buy a dark wood, three rifle gun rack?)


  1. And there you have it. My kid comes through. Willing to take the most unlikely junk!

  2. I expect the rack's only there because some pastor or other preached a rip-roaring sermon that made someone repent of their gun ownership.

    Having said that, where are the guns ?

  3. A fully dressed deer on the church van is better!

  4. The gun rack has a story behind it, it was about, three, four years ago. the youth group was playing bigger better. after the game we decided it could be used for holding the pool Que's. so we kept it. and then when we cleaned out the youth room we put it downstairs, cause we didn't need it any more...

  5. Ahh, and the penny drops.

    Eric, do you want a used gun rack for your lawyering office?

  6. Maybe you should install it in front of the pulpit.

    Would keep people from coming in late when you're preaching...


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