I hurt in places I don't even have body

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Must be psycophysical pain or something.

So yeah, first chance on the computer today.

After preping, washing, sanding, and vacuming, the livingroom walls, I painted them. All. Twice.

I hurt all over.

Total workout.

I should actually have someone pay me to be their trainer, then I'd stick some wet rags in their hands and yell at them to get at it, keep it up, one more, one more, one more. Then when they are done I'd sitck a paint roller in their hands for part two of the work out.

Muscles would be tested, weight would be lost.


But yeah, I best get to bed. I have to be in the dentist chair by 8 am for some Happy Happy Fun Time.

Then, to fix some more house.


Sorry if you're waiting for an email for me. Patience grasshopper.




  1. Just don't bank on the weight loss, OK? It is entirely permissible to have pain with no gain whatsoever.


  2. Happy, Happy Fun Time coming up in only 2 1/2 hours! Think of it as relaxation - comfy chair (well, we try)and no physical movement for over an hour(except for opening wide). Oh, Yeah - bring your own music.

  3. Didn't you see the Karate Kid? Hopefully you'll know how to block punches after all that wiping and painting. But hopefully you won't need to know that... Now, go stand on a log and kick. Then your training will be complete, Randall-son.

  4. Yes Beth-San.

    For then I shall dominate my dojo.


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