I like my new Doctor

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, early this morning I met my new Doctor. A pleasant young lady who, bless her heart and skinny fingers, seems to be thorough enough. Tomorrow morning I have another appointment and I can’t eat or, basically use the toilet until then. Then, Thursday morning I have another early appointment and I’m not allowed to eat tomorrow evening. So many rules I need to remember.

I was complaining about my back acne, or Bac-ne as my daughters call it, and she asked if I was able to clean back there. I quietly remembered my last endeavour to shave my shoulder hair which turned into an an embarrassing arrow of hair on my back and said, “Uh no, I can’t reach back there.”

Then she recommended the best thing any Doctor has ever instructed me to do. She said, with a twinkle in her eye, maybe Lauralea could join me in the shower and help with that part of things.

Just when I get a great Doctor, I move away. The story of my life.



  1. You could also get one of those shower sponges attached to a stick to scrub your back---kind of like a back-scratcher, except that it has a sponge rather than an edge.

    Of course, the back-sponge approach is significantly less intimate than your doctor's suggestion.

  2. She has already ordered me one like that.

    Yup married 23 years...

  3. Of course she would likely need the sponge on a stick thing to reach anyway. :)

  4. Good point.

    ... unless she wanted to move the step stool she gets into bed with, into the shower...

  5. But we do not want Lauralea slipping and falling off her little stool. That might be difficult to explain. ;)

  6. May I suggest the horse-hair back brush for showers...intimate or otherwise. You can get them with a long enough handle that Lauralea won't need her stool.;)


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