Love in a Walmart checkout line

Friday, September 05, 2008

What if love isn’t something you fall into. What if it’s not something you get lucky to find.

What if it’s something you choose and decide and create?





  1. I think it can happen both ways - to start.

    Continuing to be in love requires choice and creation.

    I think.

  2. But what if the world has it wrong and its not about falling or flukes or destiny at all?

    What if it has more to do with us, than what happens to us externally?

    I'm just thinking out loud here...

  3. I think I might know enough about this to agree with you...completely :)

  4. Randall,
    As in love as a quality of our personhood - that sort of love?

    Then I wonder too if love is like a tiny seed imbedded in our nature that has to be nurtured to grow strong and healthy. So is it in us then as part of our personality or is it grown into something bigger or choked out by the externals that affect it?

  5. My question then becomes, as a single person, how to do find someone to love you? If it's not chance or destiny or fate or luck.... how do you find that one person that makes the choice to love you? And how do others that have so many problems still find someone to love them? And how does it seem 'fair', when others are set up to actually be contributing partners in a relationship and yet are ignored?

    I know there probably aren't any answers to that, but it's what I often wonder.....

  6. I think love being a choice is sometimes a lot of bull. So we choose to love and that's not enough in a relationship when it's just you sacrificing for love and the relationship. I agree with Just A Girl about "how do you find that one person that makes the choice to love you?" You can't make the other person choose that.

    I hope there's fate, destiny or faith involved, cause then there's hope that love isn't just a painful bunch of junk.

  7. Maybe we're talking different things. Maybe one is marriage/relationship kind of thing... which may not be about love at all, I mean as many people see it.

    That was where this got started for me, standing in the line waiting, reading the glossy rags about who has just recently FALLEN into or out of "love."

    What if what they fell into isn't really love but some other thing?

    And then I think Mother Theresa who makes choices to love...

    And then I remember that followers of Jesus are called to love like it's not an option and I can't do that with fate or feelings.

    Or maybe we make our own luck with it?


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