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Thursday, September 25, 2008

  • I am a total sloberpuss after 2 hours in the dentist chair. #

  • I'm going to find some lunch I can suck through a straw. #

  • Watching George Gently on BBC Canada. Seems a good police/mystery show. #


  1. My wife saw Carol Burnett Sunday night - so that's what we've been watching - in light of your dentist experience I offer you this:

  2. Ah, I LOVE Carol Burnett show, and that is a great sketch.

    I'm guessing you are from Edmonton because Carol B was there I think, last weekend.


  3. Randall if I had been in Calgary for more than 3 three years I would be deeply insulted by your guess! Carol came through Calgary too (of course!)

  4. Hmm, isn't Calgary a million miles from Edmonton?


  5. I love that sketch on the dentist. I've seen it before but it is always a bit funny. What I love most about it is the look on the face of the "patient". He is trying so hard not to laugh and I suspect that laughter from him was not written into the script so he's trying to keep it together.

    Personally, I try to read my book in secret in the back. Safer. :)


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