To the dump, To the dump, To the dump dump dump

We don't normally use the city dump but we already gave away a bunch for recycling and the remainders were mostly trash. At the dump you can sort your stuff too, so that it gets recycled there too, which makes it a great dump in my opinion. So that's what Micah and I did after work today.

To the dump

I think going to the dump with your kids, well yourself even, connects you better to the stuff you have and leave behind. When you actually have to stand there and toss some of your garbage on a pile and leave it there with the understanding that it will remain there for a long time after you are gone, well that's just sobering.

I think it beings to make you think twice about the stuff you spend you life and money gathering.


  1. some of my best childhood memories are of going to the P.A. dump with my dad....funny thing is, he sang that song from your title every time we went...maybe it's a PA thing, 'cuz none of my friends here knew that song (nor did my husband).

  2. I know that song...and I am from Saskatoon!

  3. And oh the treasures you can find there. :)


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