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Monday, September 08, 2008


Lauralea and I had planned that if we moved we wanted to help some friends own a house. They have been faithful caregivers to foster kids for a long time and partly because of those reasons, they still live in a rental. They love our home and so we wanted to try to help them get into a house and take the low low end of the price range to try to make it happen.

Unfortunately, again also partly because of their work, they have been turned down for a mortgage.

This house has been good to us, and God has blessed us here. We would still like to bless someone with it, help them out if possible.


So I’m willing to throw that out there. Our bottom line isn’t cash, it’s to help out and be gracious. And if we can do that for you, let me know. We’ll wait a day or two before we contact a real estate person.

She need a bit of paint and some updating, but those are mostly cosmetic changes.


She comes complete with a tree house I and the kids built with a great view, a number of goldfish buried beneath the lilac bush, great raspberry bushes, Mongolian cherry bushes, blackberry bushes and strawberry plants. A Pergola built one April day by the boys and I. A great kid friendly entrance, eat in kitchen, four bedrooms, two toilets, family room, and lots of lived in patina.

Email if you wish, and we can see if God is in it.


  1. Wow. This is all happening so fast.

    I will say that this is admirable: "Our bottom line isn’t cash, it’s to help out and be gracious."

    I'd say more, but I'm feeling some shame at the realization that at this point I don't know if I would do the same myself.

  2. dude, feel no shame there alright!!

    You are not about the cash either, remember you bought lunch last week?


  3. True. I did buy lunch, didn't I?

    I have it firmly drilled into my mind that a house must be sold at a profit, or at least at the appraised value (which is likely at a profit), because it is an investment. Maybe you will do that in the end too, but your thinking, your approach, looks like the Kingdom.

    You've got me thinking, Randall. Got the ol' noodle a-spinning. There might be real estate implications to following Jesus.

    (*Though I want to stress, in order to avoid argument, that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with selling your house at a profit.)

  4. have your friends tried a mortgage broker? We got turned down for a mortgage several times but got one through a broker. It has a slightly higher interest rate but it really isn't too different.

    Worth a shot anyway.

  5. Yep Tara they did try that route. No go.

    But thanks for the idea.

  6. Just read the news. I am happy and also sad. I really miss coming to church, still haven't tried any hear though. I hope you can find an owner for the house. Who will be the pastor at Gateway? Where exactly are you moving? Well take care, and I hope we will see you soon. Just another question, when is your last day at Gateway and is there anyway you could dedicate Nea? I hope so in time, we've been discussing that lately. Talk to you soon.
    Annette Lanoie


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