The week that wouldn’t be

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It’s overcast and rainy out there right now, and I’m in my office looking at a day of funeral prep and service prep and sermon work.

It’s the good kind of overcast day and my office is mostly dark, except for the lamp lighting my desk and the candle I just lit to help me focus. I need to focus because there is much to do.

This week really has been a mess. A mess in the house from company and kids leaving, and with that goes a mess financially. A mess with miscommunication between Lauralea and I, which happens but these heightened emotional days just brings it out in us.

I’m on call at the hospital this week, and as it turns out I’m doing a two day, two city funeral this weekend. As well as a full Sunday morning.

And, Lauralea has left me.


yeah, we got her on a bus this morning for her sisters wedding this weekend, and the catch is that the only buses leaving Swift Current this weekend leave Saturday morning at 8:30am, or Late Sunday night. That means she will have to leave a full six hours before the wedding even happens, to get home before Monday. I told her she should drive down, but in the end she figured driving would keep her alone a lot and she wants to connect with her sister, who she’s meeting and spending some time with today. A long, frustrating story.

So it’s Micah and me in the midst of the chaos. And with the things I need to do before the weekend, I’m not even sure about myself.

Any good vibes you can send our way, I’d be grateful for.


Carry on.

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