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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Tara tells me that:
There are two volunteer associations that I have joined. One is Operation Photo Rescue - http://www.operationphotorescue.org/ - what they do is volunteer to repair people's pictures. They are still working on pictures from Katrina and now have a inload from this last round of storms. Their funding has also been cut - due to the mess on Wall Street going on - but they really need people to repair photos.

The other organization is a bit sadder Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/ -they are looking for volunteers to join their photographer base, as well as photo retouchers. They have the photographers go to the hospital when an infant is born stillbirth or is expected to die shortly. The photographer takes professional pictures, sends them to the organization who sends it out to one of us retouchers, where we make the photos look pretty and as pleasant as possible. The family is either given a disc with the pictures on it, or an album of the pictures by the organization. This way it gives them a keepsake, that is special. Most nurses aren't comfortable taking the pictures - most don't know how. This way the pictures are done with all the right camera settings, lighting etc, to make the photo truly a work of art and hopefully they will remember that, and not so much the not so pretty side.

Two opportunities for you photographers and photoshop magic workers out there.

And I'm the pastor who has sat beside the bed and held a fully formed but lifeless little baby in my hand. The parents, desperate for some connection, some memory of that loved child, uncomfortably take their own pictures of the baby, keeping them hidden for years.

Yeah, this could be a good thing. And a good way to use your gifts and talents.

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