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Friday, September 26, 2008
to be in a pastors family?

Here is an anonymous pastors wife sharing some truths. Her anonymity allows her to say things that might not be true, but her insight into some of the struggles can only gained by living through those kinds of days. In other words, you can't make that stuff up. It's real. I've seen it.

Oh and don't click the link if you are already searching for reasons to hate the Church, cause you can't colour them all with the same crayon.

And don't click the link if you don't want to feel sick to your stomach, it's not worth it. There will always be people like this. I mean hey, these kinds of people killed our leader. Why should we assume it will be different for us?

Dear Tormentor

Via Tara.


  1. We haven't made it through to pastorhood yet, but I recognise parts of that scene from my own home. I bear guilt too, as a younger Christian persecuting an older pastor who had desired a safe sleepy baptist church in greater London after being principle of a bible school in Jamaica or somewhere similar.

    Life is never quite that simple, but when you see things from a single perspective then it can appear so. And people simply are bastards sometimes, whoever they believe in.

  2. this post made me weep... and the comments after too.

  3. Yeah, I know.

    And its full of insights that only a pastors wife would get, and do.

    And amen Toni.

    My biggest prayer for new pastors is that they never have to know such pain and darkness.


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