Another beautiful day out there

Thursday, October 09, 2008
I remember ten years ago, our first Thanksgiving in Prince Albert, and by Friday it was miserable and raining and snowing.

It kept snowing for days and nights and by Sunday morning I couldn't get out of my driveway. In fact, even the streets were mostly impassible.

The snow stayed all winter then. Boy it was a long one.

Hope that there are no plans for that reoccuring this weekend.

This is the kind of October I love. Long and warm and inviting.


  1. I remember that year. I was at a Jewish wedding, and then came out to glorious white coming down. I was thrilled, although my girlfriend at the time was definitely not.

  2. Well we'll be underway in about 12 hours from now and it looks like the weather is as good on this end as it is on your end. Lets just hope it stays that way for at least a week or two so your family can get settled down in the new home before the Canadian winter sets in. See you early Saturday lets hope.

  3. Jadon: :) sounds like you!

    Nate: Sounds good. Drive safe, although that sounds lame, of course you'll drive safe. Maybe its a parenting thing.

    See you tomorrow.


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