I must use this name for good

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I’ve mentioned before that there is at least one more Randall Friesen here in this city I live in, and it’s been fun to get to know him and his wife a bit over the years. He is a surgeon and works up at the hospital.

He’s a good guy and a generous person, but his home number is unlisted so occasionally I have received in the mail a note of thanks or a receipt for a gift he’s given some organization or another. Usually I get those pieces of mail to him to read and appreciate. I’m ok with being misunderstood as being him. But I usually clarify that I am the Rev. Randall Friesen, not the Dr. Randall Friesen and when He’s is done with the people, then I get them.

Well, this morning I was up at the Hospital for some tests they wanted to do on me and I was running a little late so I handed in the papers at the desk and took my place in a line of chairs that many people already were waiting in. I was a bit grumpy because the line wasn’t moving that quickly and only one or two were called as we waited.

Then my name was called, and I hopped up and went through the doors to where my name was called from.

The pretty smiling attendant handed me a small plastic jar and she told me where to go to fill it. I looked at it with unbelieving eyes and said: “This is all we’ve got? I haven’t gone all night you know.” 

She grinned back and without loosing a beat replied: “You know that’s all we’ve got.”

Well, by then I was near to exploding so I didn’t mess around. I went in to the tiny room and made things happen.

She’s very friendly, I thought as I was in there. I prefer that to grumpy unfriendly guy anytime.

I exited the little room and she told me to have a seat for the blood work they needed. I bravely sat down and she started taking vials out of me and made a comment to which I made a quick reply. Then she said “I guess you’re use to giving the orders instead.”

And then it dawned on me, she thought I was the good Dr. Randall Friesen rather than who I really am. I smiled and explained to her who I was, and I told her the old joke between Randy and myself to which she dutifully laughed. She asked me about the church as she tried to get my mind off the blood pouring out of me and we had a good chat.

Quickly we were done and she smiled and wished me well.

I returned through the waiting area and saw a few of the same people still sitting there and it dawned on me, probably not but I wondered if my good name had moved things along so expeditiously.

I may have to send Randy a thank you note for the use of his name, again.


  1. I like that "when He’s is done with the people, then I get them." That made me laugh out loud!!

    I was at the Hospital this morning, too, for blood work. What time where you there?

  2. I seem to have 'conscience' at the most inconvenient times. Like when I've managed to arrange to be at the front of the queue, I wonder how I've disadvantaged those behind, even though I've got their fairly and not pushed or cheated.

    O jolly hospitals. I had an Echo cardiogram yesterday.

  3. Good grief, we are mid middle aged it seems.



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