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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
We got home late last night to find out that one of the people from the church here has been rushed to the hospital in serious condition and has been placed in a drug induced coma. They may make it, or not.

Kinda takes your breath away.

And we found out that the person who was doing a second viewing on the house, hadn't come to view. And that the individual who was going to give us an offer last night, didn't.

And, today, before 9, I was back at the office, trying hard to get my head around prep work for the funeral on Thursday.

And the kids are slowly leaving for school.

And Johanna and Nate who planned to stay for the week to help us pack and get ready to move, have to wait till we know what we are doing on any given day to help us pack stuff.

It's all very gross I am afraid.

Here but not here. There but not there. Moving but not, home owners but not. Working but not, packing but not.



  1. I pray God's peace and strength for you for this week!!

  2. Life is precarious and unpredictable. Keep your feet in a steady place and it will be Okay.

    I guess it is a good time to be praying for you.

  3. You and yours are on my heart and in my prayers.

    And in regards to the last comment I made here, eons ago, my riders friend doesnt so much play in games as he does during practices :) He was their top draft pick this year tho, Keith Shologan.

  4. Oh my! Yes, my prayers are piling up around the feet of Jesus on your behalf. Life never seems to be simple, does it?! Challenges and blessings - determine to be okay with God's surprises...whatever they may look like.

  5. Guess that's what they mean by 'liminal space' - but living it is a lot harder than thinking about it. These profound transitions always seem to throw up the unexpected and the difficult just when you think you've got them sussed. Keep the faith !

  6. You had a possible offer already?! I would be a tad jealous if it went through! I have a showing on Friday - only my second one in over two weeks. The market is slow. Wishing you lots of luck on a speedy sale of the house! :)

  7. not yet. The guy was going to come and give an offer.

    So still offerless in PA.


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