Saturday, November 29, 2008
Tonight as I write this the window is open just a crack and there is a very gentle breeze outside. We as yet have not seen any real snow which will make the sleigh ride some interesting tomorrow. But we are hardy people. We'll not complain over a lack of the white stuff. 

Though we lack the snow to remind us that winter is coming, the other signs are quite apparent. More and more the darkness grows, till today when its been dark since about 5 pm. The kids are getting ready for a Christmas concert at church and at school, and as I said, tomorrow is the skating, snow sliding, hay riding, wiener roasting party.

Of course the other reminder is that tomorrow begins Advent.

Advent is a season in the Christian church when we pause to consider and remember the coming of Christ so many years ago, and to remind one another that he is coming again, triumphantly.

It's all too easy to get caught up in the rush and madness of trying to meet this worlds Christmas expectations. Then this week, just as the Christmas rush begins, Advent comes and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. We are reminded that Christ came into this world, not to visit, but to become one of us. To put on skin and show us what love really means.

That's what Advent and Christmas is all about.

Its a time to shift gears and slow down, to remember what is important in this Christmas season and to practice those graces.

Don't let the lack of snow fool you. Christmas and all it's worldly demands will begin to want to pressure you for these few remaining days before The Day. So take some time this Advent to consider what Christ has done for you, and how you need to respond to him, and live.


Nite. From The Field.


  1. Randall, you should have a wagon instead of a sleigh. I know it doesn't have the same effect as a sleigh during this time of year. But without snow it is a great alternative.

  2. haha. actually, in the field, we use a hay rack or a wagon - a sleigh with wheels. and because we farmers insist on using machinery and (sadly) not horses, the wagon is used with or without the snow. so it will definitely be a new experience for you 'in the field' and a good chance to slow down during this busy season :)

  3. Are you the Pastor in Malmo. I got your website from Joanne A. I knew hew when I was a Pastor in U.C.


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