Brothers are cool to have around

jandr1There are certain things one kind of assumes in life. Things like the bank will take care of your money and if they fail then the government will give you your money back, or like we will always have something to eat or there will always be gas to buy or electricity running into our homes. You know, those kinds of absolute things we just don’t think twice about, even if we should.

I guess one of those things for me is that I have always kind of assumed that as the eldest child of my parents, I should expect to have more of the physical age related frustrations than my siblings might. You know, sickness or disease would probably visit me first because I’m first in line and if it’s age related then because I am the oldest, it should be me. Well, it isn’t.

Tonight my brother is in the hospital in Saskatoon. He had emergency surgery on his back late this afternoon. This is his third surgery on his back and over the past few months the pain has been returning. Then this morning he had difficulty walking or feeling his legs.

So today for them has been a very stressful day, and we’ve been watching with them waiting to hear what was what. Tonight the news isn’t great. It’s not terrible either, but its enough to pop that balloon of assumptions I had built up in my head. Only the days ahead will tell if there is permanent damage or not.

Which, dear reader, is where you come in.

jandr2 Some may not agree but brothers are about the coolest things in life that one can have, and I want mine around long after I have shuffled off this mortal coil. As for me I want him walking and standing and moving and hugging and living well. So if you are the praying kind, would you mind? Or if that’s not who you are, then simply think of him or send him some good vibes. They can use it.


It’s been a long enough day here too. I’m off to bed, thinking about Jeff and Heidi and their little boy, hoping for their future to be bright.




  1. Gotcha.

    Difficult though, for you.

    BTW why is it that Jeff looks *just* like Luke Vandersluys in that childhood pic?

  2. I know he does.

    How many times have I looked at Luke and seen my brother.

    Lots. That's one reason I like the boy.


  3. He does look like Luke. Amazingly so.

    Will be praying for Jeff and Heidi.

  4. Praying for them also. Sweet picture of you two.

  5. Definitely prayers from here too.

    And could you please tell my 12 year old that "Brothers are cool to have around"? She's not buying it from me, so maybe if a pastor told her. ;)

  6. When I was doing that slideshow for your farewell, I noticed the similarities between your Thomas and my Luke, too. Funny, I don't always like Luke, but I always like Jeff -- gives me hope for Luke once he's a grown man and no longer a hyper 3 year old. ;)

    We will pray for Jeff and his family, lots.

    (P.S. Love that you're wearing a suit in both pictures.)

  7. Praying for Jeff and Heidi - for you too.

  8. No brothers, but a sister in our family and we feel the same way about her as we have watched her struggle with cancer. Praying for your brother and his family, and for you as you experience that helpless feeling that only prayer seems to help.


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