Calgary Stampeders over Montreal Alouettes in Grey Cup, 22-14

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Well, this is hard to believe, and figure out.


I'm not prophetic, per say, but that's a little weird. Especially since it came last February.


Because I am not a Calgary fan, or hoped for them to win.

But there they go, Cup in hand.

So go figure.


Oh and the party at the Grimms was great.

50 inches of High Def greatness.


Very fun to watch sports on with a crowd.

Thanks all.

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  1. if you had put money on the outcome, God would have made sure that the outcome would not have been the one you had put money on.

    trust me, i know what would have happened, the stampeders would have LOST big time.

    but i'm glad you enjoyed the game, England LOST to South Africa by the largest margin at Twickers and also England ahd lost the 7 series of one-day internationals against india by 4 to 0 with three more to play (I think it will be 7-0 to india)


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