Do you know how long it takes to have a 6 year old friendship?

Sunday, November 09, 2008
Yup, six years.

And it takes 8 years to have an eight year old relationship, and 10 years to have a ten year relationship, and so on and so forth.

I needed to remember that this morning. That its just going to take time and shared history to be able to have time and shared history together. And that's why long term relationships are such valuable things, because you've invested in them, long term. You can't get them overnight. You can't buy them or force them or borrow them or anything. the only thing you can do, is create them together over time. Like a very fine wine I suppose.

So we are on our way here, building relationships with people who we are new to and who are new to us. I just need to remember to have patience grasshopper.

How quickly I forget.


  1. You know there Pastor, I think I'm going to take a lesson from this post regarding development of relationships in our small group.

    Glad the field is being good to you Randall.

  2. Another thing that's great about 6 year friendships is that they don't disappear, even when you move to another province!

    Love you guys.

  3. Pace yourself my friend ! We are in a business that deals with eternity after all 1

  4. Obviously '1' was meant to be '!' I must learn to pace myself when typing ! Or maybe learn to use less exclamation marks.....

  5. I've just had a quick wander through your latest flickr images. These guys look a quite different bunch of people, at least on the outside, from the people in PA. I'm sure it's going to be good to learn how they work and what makes they love, just as they'll be learning all about you and the things you care about.

    Thanks for the pix and regular updates. Take care feller.


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