It's quiet here tonight

Sunday, November 02, 2008
We went for a bit of a drive to explore tonight, but it got so dark so early that we just came home, and did not much of anything. 

Lauralea read, and I tried to get the WiFi working, to no avail.

Mom called. Micah loading songs on his iPod, then off to bed.

Lauralea off to bed too, and I shall soon follow.


Today has been full of Presence, and emotional energy, and I am tired out. 

It's good to be in a place of obedience or faithfulness or just doing what you know you need to be doing. That's a good thing. But it doesn't keep away the human bits of life, you know? You still get lonely or bored, or you miss a friend or a familiar sight.

But it is quiet tonight. 

I'll let that stillness settle and use it as an opportunity to go to bed.

Tomorrow I have two appointments to take care of so I should be off to rest, as much as I can.


Night. From the Field

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  1. That's a beautiful post.I love to hear the "softness" in writing.

    Thinking of you guys.


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