Ten Thousand Villages Day

Ten Thousand Villages


I'm sitting in my office with the window open a bit and a beautiful cool autumn breeze is clearing out the old air. Of course I'm wearing my Jets Jersey, because I can, and downstairs the Ten Thousand Villages shop is open for Christmas business.



It's a cool way to be a blessing to people who live far away, and to help make their lives a bit more live-able.










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  1. Your church does some cool things - but I guess we do too. Just got back from serving 134 bowls of soup. And had one guy tell me he was "this" close to becoming a Christian but that he just can't do it yet. He was afraid I think that he wasn't good enough because of the alcohol. And I could see pretty visible signs that he struggles with that. Says he prays every night that God will let him wake up in the morning. I suggested he take a chance and choose to trust Jesus since it sounded to me like Jesus has been hanging in there with him pretty good. It was a cool day all in all.


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