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Saturday, November 15, 2008
After a bit of frozen rain this morning, we ventured into downtown Edmonton to meet up with Hillary who had a 2 hour layover. She's on a journey from her sisters place in Vancouver, to northern Alberta where she's at school.

It was a nice visit and we hit a Swiss Chalet for lunch. I've been wanting to do that since we moved here, because only the Colonel with his wee beady eyes makes better chicken.

We took her back and waited for her bus to leave, saying our farewells and hugs and all, then off she went.

And so did we.

Later when we got back home we heard from Thomas that on the western edge of the city her bus driver had stopped to kick somebody off the bus. I guess that person didn't take the news too well and attacked the bus driver, beating him badly. The last we heard the police came and the driver was taken to the hospital and a new driver brought in. No word yet on the attacker.

After last summers reminder of how violent people can be, this one feels too close to home.

As best we know, Hillary is all right, at least physically. Hopefully the rest is ok too.

Maybe send up a prayer tonight for the travelers on that bus, and the driver and attacker too. Participating in that level of violence even just as an observer, can shift your whole heart in ways you might not understand for a while.



Good night from the field.


  1. WOW!!! Hopefully Hillary and the rest of her travel companions faired the trip well after that!

  2. Scary stuff. Especially when things happen like last summer. Praying she will process this event and come through it without fear.

  3. Oh my! Way too close to home. Praying that HIllary, and the others, 'specially the driver will recover from this and be able to move on with a healthy outlook.

  4. I guess family happens at Swiss Chalet! Ha, ha, ha!

  5. How close are you to Edmonton? We have a family in that area that may need some pastoral care. . .

  6. Hey, thanks for praying and stuff. i'm alright. i didn't see the attack, just the aftermath of the driver, and i didn't go out to see the blood or where it happened, so i don't have those immages floating around in my head so i think thats good. i was just praying for the people who saw the whole thing and the girl at the front of the bus who inadvertantly told the attacker how to open the bus door, which without her knowing beforehand, started it all and then escalated quickly. alothogh she did nothing wrong, i think it would be terrible to think that if you hadn't said that or helped those people that things would have turned out differently.


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