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Saturday, November 22, 2008
This morning I awoke with a pain that seemed to be centered on my face. More particularly my nose. Dry and sore and overworked and underpaid.  I got up because honestly there is no use trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning when one's nose is in rebellion.

The house was still quiet so I sat and rested a bit before heading to the office for the morning. 

Lauralea is making this shell of a house into a home. She has ideas and is being much more purposeful about her home space planning than I would ever be. She's good at that. She can make a home out of pretty much anything.

But then again, we are simple people who could live in most any accommodations. The space we live in doesn't have to be one way or another. Sure we have our preferences, but we are not going to be carrying on about those things if they are not present in our lives.

So we have lived in a tiny cold house trailer up in northern Alberta, in a room in my parents home, in a upstairs apartment in a house, then downstairs. We have lived in three side by sides and one large three story house in Winnipeg, and a 960 sq ft bungalow in Prince Albert where we raised our kids.

In each place, Lauralea was up to the challenge of turning the building into a home. And to her credit I've never heard her complain about the place we lived in for that time.

The front room

None of the places, except for the three story house, was in her taste. She likes old with character. Arched entry ways, old wooden moldings, hardwood floors and trim. You know, the kinds of places where a few generations of families have raised their kids, and now it would be our turn. That's what she loves and who she is.

The front room

Now we find ourselves in a large more contemporary house than we've lived in for some time. It comes with the job, and we see it as God's continuing provision for us. Though it is very different than we've had for a while, and different than our own personal tastes, Lauralea once again has stepped up and with a grace shared by few. She is turning this place into a home.

I do think it is a grace that with the kind of work that we do, we have not been fussy about the places we've lived in. We've always lived with that in God's hands, and he has always taken care of us well.

So the process of turning a house into a home continues here in The Field. 


Herself is doing a fine job, and I love her attitude.


  1. Yes, she has the gift of creativity and once again, puts all of it to good use. She's a gem, that woman of yours. I do love the large painting....is that Trafulgar Square?????or what. I think I saw red double-deckers.

    Oh, and get better dear man.

  2. (Piccadilly Circus- and yes, Red double deckers)

    : )


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