You change what??

Saturday, November 01, 2008
It has come to my attention that this whole province out here in the west, changes its clocks, TWO TIMES A YEAR! And tonight is the night you are suppose to change it.

What's that about? Are they just looking for something to do in fall and spring? Do they get bored with the way the time is every year and think, "Hmm, lets have a go and change it, just to confuse people, and play with the minds of all those people who don't have a clue how to reprogram their VCR or microwave, so they just keep the old time on until next spring when their lives will make sense again, time wise?"

And what will happen to the chickens, how will they know when to lay an egg? Will the egg companies go under because their chickens are confused?

Or the cows, how will they know when it's time to get milked? Confused udders will be exploding across the west. Well, except for Saskatchewan which knows how to treat its cows and chickens I must say.

I don't know, all this change is freaking me out.  

And I don't have a clue how to change the time on my clock radio.

Maybe I'll just set it to wake me up an hour earlier... or is that an hour later...



I think that if all the Riders fans out here would join me in this endeavor, we may have critical mass. If we just refuse to change, and lived our lives like they do in Saskatchewan, just maybe we could stop all this madness. 

Then the cows and chickens would be happy. And the people who don't know how to program their VCR would be happy, and the pastors who are tired of people showing up an hour late for the service would be happy.

And lets face it, in these difficult economic times any level of happiness we can get is a good thing.



From the Field.


  1. Good heavens man, you were right about Canada being behind the UK - we all changed last week! And Sask doesn't change at all? Well THAT explains a lot.


    Hope today goes well for you all.

  2. I thought this might work really well for you-if any one forgets about the time change, they'll be at church an hour earlier! And if you need some help with those clock radios, we've been doing this for years so I could probably help you get started :)

  3. I don't get it either. By the time you account for all the time it takes to change every clock in your house, you've more than blown an hour.

    I don't get it either - preach it, Reverend.

  4. :)

    I think if this works then my next eeeeviiiil plan would be for Canada to invade the USA while they are busy eating their Thanksgiving turkey and watching football.

    After all, they do celebrate thanksgiving on the wrong day. Don't they?

  5. Sorry... Thanksgiving?


    Invade them if you want, but you'll find you're better off letting them go, just like 'we' did.

  6. lol

    ah Toni you do know how to make me laugh out loud.

  7. We're with you man! Down with Time Change!!


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