Christmas One Liners...

This year christmas was about

Cooking the 29 pound bird sideways so it would fit in the pan.
Cut hands on the pickle jar with lots and lots of blood.
Being in my brothers living room and they in ours via video messaging.
Sleeping till around 9:30 am.
A general feeling of "This isn't really Christmas."
Game of pool with the kids.
Watched movie "The Fifth Element"
Tried on new shirt Lauralea made me.

It was a really tough day out here I suppose, if I were to tell the truth. But even though it was hard and different and lonely, the people in the house stepped up and tried, at least, to not let that mood dominate the day. I really respect that.

And I got lots of candy that I liked, Lauralea found a source I guess.

Yesterday, Boxing day, some of the kids, well ok, ONE of the kids wanted to go shopping, so in the name of Boxing day we hit some big box stores on the south end of Edmonton and I parked in one place and everyone scattered with their gift cards. Then we hit Montana's for supper, Ikea for a dining room table, then back home by 9:30 last night.

So you know what we were doing today after the kids got up. Yep, building a table.

And now I am at the office a while, getting things ready for tomorrow.

Hope your Christmas was red and green and not so blue.


  1. Very low key few days here. Getting ready for tomorrow from here at home. Hope you find strength and encouragement in your study and in the gathering tomorrow.

  2. It was a different Christmas in so many ways...for us too.

    Missing people is all a part of the whole mix of life. I don't quite like it myself either, come to think of it.

    Mising you guys.


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