Lauralea between hacking coughs asks if I am depressed. I don't think I am, I think I am only a bit sad today.

She of the Cough of Death that she's had for too too long already and which comes back for a second run at her. She grows so tired of it, and so do I, as we wait for her health to improve so we can get on with life.

But many things are going on, and it just results in a bit of melancholy for me.

Got word that a 92 year old from our last place of ministry has died. She would have appreciated my being there to walk her through this change in address for her, but I cannot, I have work here this week.

Talked with my brother for a while tonight, and he's trying to keep a good mind about things. He's been moved to a rehab hospital and he will be there until he gets feeling and control of his body again - or learns how to live with the brokenness of it all. Makes me get all wet in the eyes when my little brother has to deal with this crap. His wife and baby are at home, exhausted, and sick and teething without him near. That's tough.

Someone was in church this morning whose family had been impacted by my Grandfathers ministry in the past. They had heard I was in the area and they wanted to find out if I was John D. Friesen's grandson. It makes me pleased to hear stories like that, and I hope my kids and grandkids get those opportunities down the road. But today in this mood, it made me miss him, and grandma, and a chance to sit down with him again and trade war stories. It's a good legacy I have. It makes me smile.

A son txt's me and tells me his friend has been in a bad accident, but hopefully he's ok. I am shocked and surprised. A daughter emails me a great note and I know she'll be ok. And another daughter just phoned and I talked her down a little bit, hopefully so she could sleep a bit tonight yet.

All such emotional things, and my emotions are so near the surface these days.

The people here, the people of the field, are good people. Caring, concerned and checking up on us. Its good. But as good as they are, they, as yet, are not our ten year old friends, or our family. And its those things, or people I am missing these last few days. Family and friends with shared experiences. I miss my friends.

It's the first time in ten years we will be on our own again at Christmas. Maybe that's all this is about, this melancholy.

So in the name of finding some comfort where I can, I hauled out this old template and pulled out the banners from a year ago and put it up for a bit. It kind of reminds me of a different time and place, and that is comforting.

I know I know, weird. But I'm now living in a field. I'm allowed to be a bit eccentric aren't I?


Or maybe I should say, Good morning.


  1. I was wondering about Jeff and Heidi.

    This picture on the template has its own sort of comfort. Like old times.

    There is no going back in time though. Wish we could sometimes.

  2. Emotions? Near the surface, check.

    I was thinking how cool the new template looked (cool as in clean and clear, not hip - stick that).

    We're wondering whether we'll be alone this Christmas. Hayley, our 'God' daughter moves in tomorrow, staying 'til at least January. It's bizarre, but I'm looking forward to her being there, even though it will require changes to our comfortable patterns of behaviour.

  3. Yeah, Christmas may be lonely for me, too (as in alone), so I know and feel the melancholy. Kids will be home this week for a few days, but may not be for Christmas.

    My family was asked to sing at Edna's funeral--we are honored to do that.

    Praying for your brother, Lauralea, the kids, and you, dear friend. I miss you, too. Take care, you guys. Love and hugs

  4. Nice pic ! But, I happen to know that it doesn't look like that all the time. Recently, I've had reason to reflect that just because the clouds come down and you can't see the view it doesn't mean that the beauty has gone - it will be revealed again, and never goes away.

    And another thing - I was complaining today about how few people in ministry ever express their vulnerability and emotions, and then I come home and find you doing just that. Enough to convince me that you are one of the healthy guys - believe it.

  5. Be eccentric all you like - no problem

  6. Here is a Jeff update for you (I have access to a hospital computer). I am walking around with crutches (slow going but going none the less), my left foot is still numb but with some needle like tinglings when touched, I can move my toes now as well as my forefoot but I still cannot move my ankle at all. Now for the more important stuff, I still cannot pee. So I have to learn how to self cathaterize (great fun) because that function may never come back. And let me tell you guys who have never had a cathater DON'T HAVE ONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! Because that tube goes where it should never go. I have to have one about every 4 - 6 hours. So please continue to pray for us especially Heidi as she is running herself ragged. Thank you all for your prayers.

  7. Hey - praying much for you and your family...wife, sons, daughters, brother...
    It's tough dealing with changes and you've had so many this year - it has a way of catching up to you...and then this gloomy weather we're having doesn't help.
    Wish there was more I could do - if there is let me know...
    Know how blessed you are...we certainly know how blessed we are having you here in the field with us.

  8. I'm going to a Blue Christmas this evening, Randall. Will definitely think and pray for you and Jeff and everyone.

  9. I visited Jeff today & I was impressed. His attitude will much hasten his healing and maximize his rehab time.

  10. Glad to hear about progress, Jeff. I do hope you don't have to keep pushing that tube down much longer, but at least doing it yourself will spare some embarassment.


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