Getting BBC Radio on the iPhone or iPod Touch

Monday, December 22, 2008
Finally, finally finally, IT'S HERE.

The one feature I have missed and looked for for my iPod Touch is the ability to play streaming audio from the BBC.

Yes I can play other streams, especially windows media format, but not Real Audio format which is what the BBC is mostly about, especially outside the borders of the UK.

Anyway last night the latest update of the Wunder Radio app made my life complete. They now run a simple version of Real Audio codec in their radio app that does bring in the various BBC options.

So this morning I lay in bed listening to the weather from Radio Cumbria (Sorry, no snow for Christmas) and a program on BBC 4 discussing Christian vs. Pagan Christmas. Good stuff.

Ever since I got the iPod I've searched for this ability every few weeks, and now it's here. My Christmas Miracle.

If you've been looking too, here it is.



  1. Bless !

    Here are we Brits full of post-colonial guilt, and here you are longing for the BBC - what a funny old world. But to be a proper anglophile you must develop a fixation with the Archers - 7.00pm GMT, an every day story of country folk.

  2. Honestly, I don't really Get the Archers.
    I mean I've listened to it occasionally, but I don't get what makes it so well listened to over the years, by the British public.

    Unless it's like being a voyeur kind of thing. Like reading a personal blog or watching somebody live life in the apartment building next door. You get used to the personalities and you want to see what they are up to on any given day.

    But yeah, the BBC is good quality radio, for the most part. Besides, it reminds me of friends there.


  3. So what's the Canadian radio equivalent I should tune into to return the cross-Atlantic compliment ? Although if you don't get the Archers, the gulf might just be too wide.....

  4. Well.... the CBC I suppose would be the thing, but they really don't produce radio drama's or comedies, or good game shows.
    and we live in the Mountain Region now. So you can click on that if you'd like a taste. Early mornings and supper time our time would give you the most local programing on CBC 1. Otherwise it's all just a national transmission, for CBC 1 and especially on CBC 2.


  5. My parents got married on facebook last week. Isn't technology great?!


  6. Yeah. I've been meaning to talk to your parents about that. I always thought you should be digitally legitimized.


  7. Geez Randall, you sound like a kid in a candy store.


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