I think I have discovered the larger problem of having the church phone ring at home.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Normally a good idea that allows me to use and answer the church phone, at home.


Last night I learned the larger problem of this. Businesses who try to send faxes in the night.

Last night around 1 am the phone started ringing, and there was a fax machine on the other end.


I need to think this out a bit, see if there is a way around this. Otherwise getting the phone ringing all night with incoming faxes will make me loose my religion.

Especially the spam faxes. I HATE those.

That is all,
for now.


  1. Turn off the ringer at night?

  2. It then turns off our home ringer too.

  3. That is not good - are they the same line? Same phone? There has got to be a solution before you become apostate!

  4. You could have two lines. Line one for the house and line two for the church. Like how businesses have it

  5. haha...woops.
    I get phone calls from people who get our faxes by mistake at 2am...understandably, they're not very impressed.

    You should get call display. Then you can call back whoever's faxing and complain. Unless it's a fax you're supposed to get at church.

  6. Johanna, a lot of times it is spam faxes during those hours. The Prince Albert Arts Centre downtown gets those all the time. I would know because used to do janitorial work there.


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