On how to get the adrenalin running, part 2

The animals out here continue to take their lives in their hands, or paws, at least with me on the road.

Sunday night on our way home to The Field, a porcupine chose to cross the road at precisely the time I wanted to use it. I swerved to miss it, and gladly I did because I really don't know what I'd do if I hit one and bits of him were still laying in the middle of the road. 

Then early yesterday evening on the way home, suddenly and I mean suddenly, there was a rather large Buck who had made it through hunting season, who decided to cross the road, again, while I was on it. Thankfully I caught sight of it at the last minute and was able to swerve behind it, praying that there would be none others following too closely behind. 

I had wrongly thought they had slowed down their movements a bit, but I was wrong.


On the up side, the van load of us really enjoyed the rush of adrenalin. Always a nice pick me up at the end of a long day.


  1. Well, thankfully there has been no snow and the roads are not icy. Take care.

  2. Frist I read Lauralea's blog...it made me smile - a lot. Then I read yours and it made me laugh out loud - thinking (and relating to) of the 'wild' suprises of travelling around the fields.

    Speaking of wild animals - arriving at the church the other night, I got out of my car to hear this loud, very loud pack of coyotes (probably just a family of them) carrying on - my goodness! They sounded like they were in the bush right beside the Church - a far cry from the 'one' we've seen around our place (although I haven't seen it since my hubby threw the pliers at it). Gave me the willies.

  3. your just going to have to keep honking as you drive, just to let them know you are coming


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