This day just gets better and better

After a total of two and a half hours sleep last night, mainly because businesses were trying to send faxes to our phone line, today finds me trying desperately to quickly respond to emails before the net goes away again.

A few moments on and then off again sure makes me appreciate when it works. And makes me crazy when I'm trying to have an online meeting or respond to emails.

I am going to quit trying for a bit and go have a meatspace meeting with someone during lunch hour. Hopefully it comes back so I can get some work done yet today.

Kinda starts making an argument for a good smartphone, so at least some of the email work can get done when it needs to. But the data costs here in Canada can get ridiculous. 


Oh well, at least I can commiserate with Brad who seems to have the same struggle.
Course, he lives on Guam...


  1. Danger Will Smith, I sense danger.

    That fax has been a problem. May I STRONGLY encourage you to find a solution to it - like make sure everyone in the church knows your mobile number or something similar for OOH calls. If some of your predecessors had struggles, this may be a part of it. Seriously. My antennae are twanging.

  2. I agree.
    Now if I could get hold of the company who tries to send faxes to the church voice phone number, that would be great.

    Failing that we might have to get the church phone off the house line, somehow.

    Unless I was able to get the fax sending number blocked...

  3. I wonder if there is a way to turn off the ringer on the fax/phone so you can sleep at night??? There are always solutions.



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