Christ's word to a distracted church

Sunday, January 25, 2009
My talk yesterday morning was difficult. Hard to get focused and communicate my heart.
But here it is. Keep what you can use and toss the rest.

My thanks to Stan Harsch who records the audio so well that I don't have to tweak it that much, and to Eunice Nelson for the beautifully played piano at the end.


May God be near you.


  1. It sounded like you had some blessed direction. Another well spoken sermon from your heart. You even got fired up!!! Let's talk about changing the carpet in the church. I remember that really well. I think you do too. One of my professors is apt to say that when we get distracted that one must always remember to "Breathe" to bring one back to center, then after the mind and spirit are united, then you can pray. Well done. I know it's been a rough few days. You are in my prayers.


  2. I never heard you speak before... thank you for sharing it. I was blessed.


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