December's Gone

Saturday, January 03, 2009
Christmas is behind us now and I'll soon start helping take down the tree and things, which is ok and needs to go as soon as there is time.

Tomorrow the kids head back to school and we'll have to get them to meet their ride in Edmonton by 2 pm, so we may have to get out of church on time. No pastoral over-speak tomorrow.

And of course the month's been busy. With Christmas and New Years, concerts, dinners, parties etc etc, and still learning the ropes around here, work is getting done. We were at 21 different places this month, to meet people, and we hosted 67 people at our house, which was a good chunk of life. But it means we've been on the go quite a bit. The good thing is that the names are starting to stick, for the most part.


This month I'm going back to talk about prayer. God's been taking me to some fun places as I explore this in my own life. There are just so many levels of prayer to explore that to keep one's self limited to just one kind of prayer seems so, limiting. Like colouring with one crayon.

Anyway, that's in the works. And we need to get to work on our health cards and auto transfers and drivers licenses, and bank stuff and all that stuff that is so fun. Probably be a paperwork month.

Then at the end of the month I'll be in Chicago for MidWinter again. I haven't attended this Pastors time in a few years, while I was working on my Spiritual Direction Certificate. It will be good to be there again to see the others and learn a few new things and hear some good talkers and listen to some Jazz.


61 days into this new Field, and things are progressing nicely.


  1. You spoke about "Prayer" I am reading Nouwen, "The Only Necessary Thing." It is quite a text. I've been meditating on the reading as I move through the book. This is as good as it gets I think.

    You should write down your thoughts when you get ready to speak about prayer. I would like to read that. Maybe you can tape your talks through this series.


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