Friday, January 02, 2009
Neighborhood Fire

This was the sight that confronted me as I was on the phone this morning, well, this sight times three. The whole sky was filled with smoke as I looked up from my desk, out my office window.

It looked bigger than a stubble fire, so I cut short my phone meeting and ran out the door. Apparently out here in The Field if you see something like this you are suppose to get in the van and get there to help, ASAP. Because you'll get there quicker than the local fire department which is 20 something minutes away.

So I ASAPed it over there.

Turned out the neighbour was burning an old shed and though he had called the other neighbours, he hadn't called me. Being the new guy he hadn't met me yet.

So I got to meet the neighbour, which was good.

I watched a bit and had a good chat with him, but it's cold out there this morning. Besides, other frantic neighbours were starting to tear into his yard to help put the fire out. So I headed home to tell the guys they didn't have to fight a fire but since they were up they might as well shovel snow.

My first fire in The Field.


  1. Impressive smoke signal. I can see why you got up and went over. Glad you met your neighbor.

  2. so was this pic taken before or after the ASAP? ;)

  3. That was about 3/4's of an hour after I first saw it.

    I went up there and back again before I took the shot, so the smoke had slowed considerably.


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