fits and starts

Friday, January 30, 2009
one of those days.

A couple of cancellations, a couple of people filled those spots.

working on office things that need attention before I head out on Monday morning.

called home to fix the clothes washer so my sick child can get up and have something to wear as I send him outside to shovel.

oh, and my "pension" notice came in for the year. I'm down %13.85 for the year. That means that everything that was given on my behalf, by the church, plus a few thousand, was lost. And that was a conservative fund.

Sheesh. I'm so not used to dealing in the thousands of dollars, so when thousands are lost, I feel weird, gross.

Both tomorrow and Sunday are full days looks like, then monday I am at the MidWinter pastors get together in Chicago.

like I said, fits and starts.

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  1. My pension would have been better kept under the bed than 'invested' by people that take money out for the privilege of losing it.



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