It's been a long week be honest, and I am tired, as in I nearly had to call for assistance to get me out of bed this morning.


Things are picking up. Tonight Lauralea and I are heading to Edmonton for some great Thai food.
Some friends from near The Field are meeting us at "The King and I" a place where Mic Jager sent his personal chef to learn some tricks so he could cook the recipes for Sir Mic.

And not that I care about where Mic eats, but seriously, it's well its past due for us to eat some good Thai food.

Tonight it happens.

The King And I

Celebrity Status
This Strathcona landmark restaurant has scored raves among a steady clientele for its exquisite Thai cuisine. Even the Rolling Stones gave it a thumbs up the last time they rolled through the city. Thankfully, celebrity status isn’t a prerequisite to enjoy a dining experience at the King and I. The bright décor, complete with Southeast Asian ornaments dotting the walls, immediately sets patrons at ease.

Flawless Presentation
At the King and I, how the food looks when it arrives at your table is equally important as how it tastes. The kitchen staff’s painstaking attention to detail is legendary and the service friendly and professional. In an effort to constantly evolve their menu, the owners frequently travel to Asia picking up new and exciting culinary ideas. Not to worry, dishes can be spiced up or down depending upon the palate.

Flavourful Dishes
The King and I offers a select menu with many classic Thai dishes, as well as a few new Thai-fusion twists. The spicy seafood nest, featuring shrimp with bamboo shoots and Chinese mushrooms is irresistible, while chicken and curry dishes like chu chu kai and the panan kai always receive favorable reviews. Seafood lovers will appreciate the Sea Bass in chili jam or place an order for a generous serving of the house special, Pad Thai. For starters or sharing, try the salad tolls, crispy tofu with spicy cucumber sauce or the Thai sticks. The King and I is great for first timers or discriminating Thai savvy diners!



  1. Oooh, that sounds good. Enjoy.

  2. Now that was so worth it. A wonderful meal and great company.

    And now to bed. I am done.


  3. Oooh, we have such good memories of that restaurant. Such a gem! Glad you and your wife were able to have a great evening there.


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